Podcast Archives – Cloud Services Roundtable 2011


Program: IBM’s LotusLive with Rebecca Buisan
Originally aired 11/16/2011 Download Now


Program: Cloud Q & A with Karl
Originally aired 11/02/2011 Download Now

Program: Cloud Nation 2011
with Harry Brelsford & Tom Poole, SMB Nation
Originally aired 10/19/2011 Download Now
Program: Channel Experience With Doyenz
with Eric Webster
Originally aired 10/05/2011 Download Now

Program: Doyenz Answers! What To Use In The Cloud
with Michael Stephan, Doyenz Sales Manager, and Arterian Founder Jamison West
Originally aired 09/20/2011 Download Now

Program: IT That Works
with Bob Breitman, President of IT That Works’ midwest region
Originally aired 09/21/2011 Download Now

Program: Candid Cloud Migration Talk With an MSP
with Mike Bayless, Director of America’s Tech Support
Originally aired 09/07/2011 Download Now

Program: How HaaS Fits in With Cloud Services
with Frank Gurnee
Originally aired 08/17/2011 Download Now

Program: No More Servers With Rackspace
with Doug Burgess
Originally aired 08/03/2011 Download Now

Program: SBS 2011 and Essentials
with Microsoft’s Michael Leworthy and Bodhi Deb
Originally aired 07/20/2011 Download Now

Program: Failover In The Cloud
with Grant Thompson, Founding Partner of MG Technology Group
Originally aired 07/06/2011 Download Now


Program: Cloud Lessons Learned
with Mike Bayless, Director, America’s Tech Support
Originally aired 06/01/2011 Download Now

Program: Reflexion on Cloud Compliance
with David Hughes, CEO of Reflexion
Originally aired 05/18/2011 Download Now

Program: Own Web Now
with Vlad Mazek, CEO of Own Web Now, and Kate Hunt, Editor or Lookscloud.com.
Originally aired 05/04/2011 Download Now

Program: PointClickWork
with Brett Jaffe, PointClickWork’s Principal and Chief Architect.
Originally aired 04/20/2011 Download Now

Program: Zmanda Cloud Back Up
with Chander Kant, Zmanda Co-founder and CEO.
Originally aired 04/06/2011 Download Now

Program: A special Small Biz Thoughts Webinar StrataScale: Security In the Cloud
With Denoid Tucker, StrataScale’s VP of Technology.
Originally aired 04/05/2011 Download Now

Program: Gladinet’s Access Without Boundaries
With Jerry Huang, Gladinet’s Founding CEO.
Originally aired 03/16/2011 Download Now

Program: SADA Talks Cloud Opportunities
With Niv Dolgin, Director of IT Services, SADA.
Originally aired 03/02/2011 Download Now

Program: Microsoft’s BPOS Explored
With Jeff Medford, Technical Product Manager for the US Business and Marketing Office within Microsoft’s Online Services.
Originally aired 02/16/2011 Download Now

Program: Offsite Data Protection In the Cloud
With Kevin Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Symform.
Originally aired 02/02/2011 Download Now

Program: Winning With Cloud
With Reuven Cohen, Founder of Enomaly Inc.
Originally aired 01/19/2011 Download Now