Community Audio Segment

Community Audio

Do you have audio you'd like us to play?

If it's 100% educational and not sales-oriented, just upload here and let us know something about it. You must include the proper spelling for names of everyone in the audio AND check the box that says, "I have the right to share this recording with SMB Community Podcast and all people who are heard on this audio agree to allow it to be streamed online without compensation."

Who should submit audio?

Anyone in the SMB IT community worldwide that has something to share! You might be a managed service provider, a new consultant, an experienced consultant, a vendor, or a distributor. If you have a tale of warning and woe, or a great win to share, we want to hear it. We want to publish your stories of challenges overcome, alliances formed, and humorous encounters. Basically, if you think it's of interest to the community, please submit.
Vendors selling something will be contacted for payment before a recording airs.
Note: NO anonymous submissions will be included in a podcast. You must provide you name and email address. We will verify with you before we include your audio content.

By submitting audio, you agree to the following terms:

  • The editors at SMB Community Podcast (operated by Small Biz Thoughts) have total editorial control over contents.
  • We may use some or all of the audio you submit. It may be edited as we see fit, and may appear in a podcast with material you don't like or agree with.
  • If we totally love it, we might get in touch and ask for a longer version. You just never know.

Thank you for taking the time to submit something.