MSP Packaging and Pricing

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1.) What’s Up with You?
One of our favorite topics on the show: What do you prefer–the large events or the smaller events? 
Let us know and send us message at [email protected]!
Host James breaks down the pros and cons of both. 
2.)  MSP Question of the Week
Should you have one offering or multiple offerings – AND – what is your recommendation for price per seat?
3.) James’s Quick Marketing Tip
Please, update your headshots / video on your business.
Do this annually to keep fresh photos/video on your business to repurpose on social media marketing!

Our upcoming events:

Kernan Mastermind Roadshow Dec 7-8th, 2023 in Newport Beach CA – 
Jan 16-18th in Honolulu HI – MSSP Sales/Marketing workshop

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