Husband and Wife at the Same Company: Yes or No?

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Today’s special episode of SMBCP we have a special guest host, Donna Blum. 

1.) The MSP Question of the Week
Is it a good idea for couples to work together in the same company? 

2.) Five Minutes with a Smart Person – Nick Wolf of EVO Security

Nick is a senior sales 
executive with experience growing channel partnerships for MSP focused vendors. From 2011-2020 Nick was a key member of Datto, and onboarded over 750 MSPs, which helped grow the company to be acquired for over $1.5 Billion in 2017.

From 2020-2021 Nick was a member of SKOUT Cybersecurity, joining many previous colleagues he worked with at datto, and onboarded over 100 MSPs, which helped grow the company to be acquired in 2021 by Barracuda.

Nick is now the Director of Partner Acquisition at Evo Security responsible for their rapid growth in the IAM space by working with MSPs and MSSPs.

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