“Technical” Person Necessary for Success?

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
"Technical" Person Necessary for Success?
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We catch up with Host Karl and Host Amy. Find out who’s smoke free.

Segment One: The MSP Question of the Week   Do you have to be a “technical” person in order to run a successful IT consulting business?

Segment Two: Five minutes with a Smart Person – Sarah Hansen

Host James sits down with Sarah Hansen of Hansen Collective.

Upon earning her bachelor’s degree in journalism and media communications at Colorado State University, Sarah Hansen set out to forge a career path that was both creative and flexible in social media marketing.

After gaining experience working as a social media strategist with top performing midwest agencies and freelancing with brands around the country, at the age of 23, Sarah launched her own social media brand– Hansen Collective.

Not only is Hansen Collective a place where she uses her online marketing expertise to help both international and domestic clients, but it’s also a place where she can foster a community and educate her audience on creating effective social media strategies for personal brands and businesses alike.

Segment Three:  Notes on the News 

Technology we didn’t expect…Car companies have become the “natural” providers of home electrical systems and DC battery power.


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