Low Hanging Fruit

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
Low Hanging Fruit
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Amy B and Amy L talk about the economics of small business acquisition and what’s happening in the market.

Segment One: What are you up to? 

We catch you up with the latest events.

Coaching with ChannelWise at the ChannelPartners Conference May 3rd –


Find out more here: https://nsitsp.org/events/

Segment Two: 15 Minutes with a Smart Person – Walter Crosby    

Amy B speaks with Walter Crosby. 



Segment Three: The Bell Curve and the MSP Question of the Week

Amy B and Amy L goes into depth on the “Bell Curve of Security” 

MSP Question of the week: When you have hybrid remote workers, who is responsible for the home network connectivity?

Is the security of their home network your problem?


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More than a dozen speakers.

A special Killing IT Live podcast recording.

And much more.

Every three years, Karl Palachuk and Small Biz Thoughts bring you a spectacular two-day online conference. And they do it right.

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