Jeff Nevins & Josh Wittman – M365 Baselines: Automate and Standard Configurations

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Host James speaks with Jeff Nevins and Josh Wittman of Simeon Cloud.

Jeff has worked in roles ranging from architecture and implementation of complex solutions to building and leading technology organizations.

His experience leading teams in software development, cloud engineering, and IT architecture, combined with his passion for automation has led Jeff to found Simeon Cloud, the leading Microsoft 365 configuration management solution.

Josh has always been driven by automation and champions the notion that every minute spent doing a repetitive task is a minute not spent growing your business. Josh currently serves as co-founder and chief operating officer of Simeon Cloud.

Prior to launching Simeon, Josh worked at American Express, supporting the chief marketing officer with thought leadership and analysis of the company’s sponsorships and marketing investments. Josh began his career working in the capital markets.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and surfing along the coast of California.


Microsoft 365 has become a best-in-class solution for SMBs. Companies are rapidly adopting Microsoft’s suite of collaboration, productivity, and security tools.

However, MSPs have no way of managing their client’s tenants in a streamlined or standardized way. Settings and policies are scattered across numerous portals. There is no ability to have a single baseline configuration across portals and tenants.

That’s where Simeon Cloud comes in. We are the first multi-tenant configuration solution that scales and standardizes the management of M365 tenants.

We specialize in automated deployments and ongoing baseline management of O365, Azure AD, and Intune configurations.


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