Chase Doelling – Consolidating IT in SMB

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Chase Doelling - Consolidating IT in SMB
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Host Karl chats with Chase of JumpCloud. Chase Doelling is the Principal Strategist at cloud directory platform provider JumpCloud, where he leads the team in creating partnerships that enhance and secure digital identities.

He has been working in venture-backed startups across security, integration, and DevOps for the last decade. JumpCloud offers a directory platform, specifically for SMBs and MSPs, that consolidates IT management and secures employees’ access to IT resources (devices, applications, servers, networks, and more).

Chase can discuss how SMBs and MSPs can leverage JumpCloud to simplify their IT environment, cut IT costs without sacrificing security, and centralize user identity so it’s easy both for the admin to manage, and for the end user to navigate.

The full-featured JumpCloud Directory Platform is available, for free, for any organization for up to ten users. One partner found that JumpCloud’s cost saved them 80% on IT management. 

Also, twice a year, JumpCloud surveys IT teams from SMBs to find out their concerns and challenges, their budgets, what trends they’re seeing, and more. On June 15, 2022, JumpCloud will be releasing the newest report, and Chase could also discuss how SMBs are increasingly leaning on MSPs, their top security concerns, and how they’re addressing rising threats.

Chase can share how JumpCloud can help SMBs offer enterprise-grade security without adding enterprise-level complexity – and without paying enterprise-level cost or hiring enterprise-level support teams.


Resources and Links:

A weekly gathering for SMB IT admins to discuss challenges:

Case study that shows JumpCloud is 1/5 cost:

JumpCloud sign-up – fully free for up to 10 users:

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