Toby Nangle of Field Effect: Hands Free Cybersecurity – A Roadmap to MSP Growth

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Toby Nangle of Field Effect: Hands Free Cybersecurity – A Roadmap to MSP Growth
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Host Karl welcomes back Toby Nangle, the Global Director, Channels and Partnership at Field Effect to talk about a new white paper highlighting partner success with Field Effect.

You can catch up on Toby’s first podcast with us here:

On today’s show, Toby and Karl delve into the latest in cybersecurity and its changing environment. 

Since our last conversation, activity in the cybersecurity space has changed drastically as the conflict in Ukraine continues to shake the globe. 

Toby and Karl discuss how FieldEffect and other cybersecurity vendors are navigating the emerging threats and how their services are adapting to this everchanging platform.     Karl also had the chance to ask Toby about the White Paper, prepared by Aite Novarica. In the White Paper, Aite Novarica surveyed five, random partners of FieldEffect to learn about their experience so far with the company. 

Toby summarizes for us the conclusion of Aite Novarica’s finds.

Download the whitepaper here:


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