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Host Karl caught up with three c-level folks from CWell Marketing:

Lane McDowell – CEO /Head of Customer Success at Cwell Marketing

Owned and Operated IT Service Business for 9 years in the Northern IL area. Through trials and tribulations and lots of marketing dollars spent, they were able to crack the code on Intent based marketing for MSPs. After he sold his MSP, he knew he still wanted to work in the MSP space, so he and Shon took their passion for marketing and the process that made us so successful and shared it with the world. 

Shon Corwell – From the Atlanta, Ga region. Worked in IT for 13 years and always have done marketing on the side. Lane and I paired up to start our own MSP and learned a lot on the way.

Ryan Baudoin – From New Orleans, Louisiana. Avid traveler and Over 10 years in Sales in the IT industry with Cisco and Meraki before coming on as Director of Sales for CWell Marketing.

These former MSP owners turned marketing gurus finally cracked the code on marketing IT services to the general public.

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