Cam Roberson: Choose Your Security Solutions Based on Actual Threats, Not the Acronym-du-Jour

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Host Karl talked to Cam Roberson, Vice President of Beachhead Solutions about choosing the right security tools. 

BeachheadSecure for MSPs provides a PC and device security platform for businesses and MSPs to encrypt data and automate threat responses. 

Earlier in his career, he was a product manager at Apple and ran an advertising agency in for 15 years before selling the firm. He also teaches courses at his local community college on business and entrepreneurship.

Additional Relevant Information Some more detail on the topic/thesis Cam’s interested in bringing to the SMB Community Podcast if interest (with no shortage of examples and energy):

SMBs rely on their MSPs for expert and clear-eyed perspectives on their technology needs. That is especially true when it comes to data and system security. But given that the current security solution landscape has been rendered nearly incomprehensible by fancy new (and newer) acronyms, it’s no surprise that businesses seek experts able to tell EDR from XDR and SOAR from SIEM to guide their systems to safety.

In truth, MSPs themselves must be more careful than they are right now in examining the the actual substance of potential solutions, since marketing departments have been more than happy to play fast and loose with acronym definitions. The acronym terminology on a product’s tin may have more to say about industry sales trends than what threats the tool actually addresses. Those marketing pressures also drive security acronyms to shift meanings and become increasingly hazy.

The better approach for MSPs is to follow a disciplined strategy that selects solutions based on clients’ specific security needs and not on ephemeral acronyms or marketing hype. A loose strategy that chases acronyms only leads to an endless high-stakes game of whack-a-mole, where new risks regularly pop up to threaten unprepared systems and MSPs scramble to bat them down before harm is done.

Ultimately, the false comfort of nebulous high-level acronyms doesn’t protect SMBs. It’s MSPs focusing on the gritty details of clients’ security needs that gets the job done.
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