Ron Pelletier on Cyber Incident Response

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Cyber Incidents, Cybersecurity Insurance, and SMBs.

Host Karl interviewed Ron Pelletier from Pondurance. Pondurance is a cybersecurity incident response organization.

Ron is the original Founder of Pondurance, having started the company from his basement in 2008. Ron has over 25 years of cyber security advisory experience. He started his career as an officer in the US Army, followed by nine years with Big Four firm, EY. As a strong consensus builder and customer advocate, Ron is focused on evangelizing the Pondurance brand as well as customer success.

There are many kinds of cyber attacks. What’s the right incident response for each of these? What are the roles of monitoring as well as actual response?

Additional Relevant Cyber insurance policy prices are skyrocketing due to the increase in ransomware attacks. With that higher price comes less coverage. Add to that, more companies are applying for cyber insurance than there is funding. When demand exceeds availability, you get increased rates, and that’s happening universally.

To better your chances for being approved for cyber insurance, it’s best to know why companies are denied cyber insurance in the first place, how they can be better prepared for the application process, and what to do to prepare for the years to come. Landon would like to discuss preventive measures small businesses can take to address questions that cyber insurance carriers have added to their underwriting questionnaires, as well as simple and cost-effective ways for organizations to reduce your cyber risk.


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