Gil Cargill – How to Sell So The Client Never Asks about The Price

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Host Karl caught up sales trainer and coach Gil Cargill to talk about the importance of business-focused communication during sales calls.

You hear it all the time: Don’t talk about what you sell; talk about the client’s needs. But how do you actually do that? How do you guide the conversation away from the price and still get the sale? Gil gives us some tips – and Karl back to get some juicy details.

Too many technicians think clients care about technology. They don’t. They care about how you can improve their profit, improve their productivity, or help with cashflow.

Gil gives some great tips on how to get the conversation started, and to get the prospect to buy in to a productivity audit. His approach is very conversational and is totally focused on the client rather than the technology.

Contact Gil for his free starter evaluation:

Web Site: http://www.gilcargill.com 

Phone: 310-447-4102


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