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Host Karl talked to Corey White.

Corey is a proven security industry veteran with more than 25 years of success building and implementing security strategies and leading consulting teams. His work encompasses virtually every industry, including government, high tech, hospitality, critical infrastructure, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Corey is disrupting the modern approach to cybersecurity with Cyvatar.ai, making cybersecurity effortless for businesses with fully managed customer-centric security solutions that are mapped to business outcomes. As the industry’s first membership-based, cybersecurity-as-a-service (CSaaS) company, Corey’s mission for Cyvatar is to transform the way the security industry builds, sells, and supports cyber solutions.

Corey also served as the SVP of Worldwide Consulting, Chief Experience Officer at Cylance and as the Southwest Director of Consulting for Foundstone & McAfee/Intel Professional Services. He’s an avid lover of bio-hacking, manifestation, and meditation. He can offer valuable insights into the current state of affairs as well as the dangers on the horizon. He would love to talk about cyber security as it relates to healthcare, hospitality, gaming, cannabis, and more.



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