Dave Seibert – Connector, Coach, and Conference Organizer Extraordinaire

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Karl caught up his long-time friend Dave Seibert. Dave is a managed service provider, a Microsoft MVP, organizer of the SMB Techfest events, and much, much more.

Dave is an internationally-recognized community builder. This includes his status as a Microsoft Influencer and his own ProTier Peer groups. On top of all that, Dave’s whiz on LinkedIn and networking.

Karl talks to Dave about how he manages to attend so many events and have success on so many fronts. Dave also gives some words of wisdom on “being success” in the world of technology today.

Leverage the resources Dave Seibert brings together to accelerate your business:

SMB TechFest – quarterly technology conference

Complementary registration to join a SMB TechFest conference

ProTier Peer Groups – Building Dream Teams to Accelerate Business Growth

I have 20 years P2P experience (Partner to Partner) on successful teamed client projects

DaveSeibert.com – My site of my many activities and resources

Join me on Social Media platforms to stay engaged

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