Colin Knox on Data Driven Decisions and Data Hygiene

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Colin Knox, founder of Passportal, has launched a new venture called Gradient MSP. Gradient MSP is launching the first module of their data intelligence platform, focused on data hygiene and cleaning up all the dirty data that has accumulated in MSPs PSA solution.

Colin has spent the past 20 years deeply embedded in the technology field. Founding both XCEL Professional Services (MSP) and Passportal, Colin led both organizations as the top executive through several consecutive years of triple-digit growth from $0 to millions in annual recurring revenue until their acquisitions by F12.net and SolarWinds respectively taking both businesses from founding to successful exit in just 10 years. He is now the Founder & CEO of Gradient MSP, focused on giving vision and voice to MSPs both small and large. Colin is a technology innovator, passionate leader, and professional speaker focused on advising entrepreneurs how to grow, expand, and mature their businesses.


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