“Monetizing the Seat” – How MSPs Can Profit from Cloud Services

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Host Karl caught up with Jason Bystrak from D&H Distributing. Jason is D&H’s VP of Cloud and Services

Cloud and XaaS is positioned to grow as more companies have been compelled to embrace digital transformation throughout the pandemic, moving greater amounts of their infrastructures and services to the cloud. Small to mid-size businesses have shown themselves to be especially agile in light of the shift to remote and hybrid technology solutions, making this sector a notable opportunity for channel partners to profit from cloud services bundled with hardware and services. All-in-all, XaaS is becoming the new standard for technology consumption in the emerging digital economy.

The XaaS consumption model employs a combination of solutions including hardware, software, cloud-based solutions, and a roster of technology services. The challenge is to deliver this range of products and services through a streamlined conduit, reducing complexity while still capitalizing on the many benefits of XaaS. MSPs and VARs can more easily monetize per-seat services across multiple customers through use of a consolidated transactional platform, one that provides an array of cloud offerings and ideally allowing the partner to incorporate services of their own.

While the XaaS model can support any technology solution – including data center and network infrastructure – they are typically built around end-point devices. Software and SaaS solutions such as productivity, collaboration, unified communication and business applications are added along with infrastructure options such as enhanced security, data protection, remote access and virtual desktop. These are combined with services such as migration, integration, management and support for the term of the agreement. While some XaaS solutions are capitalized in the project-style upfront payment, most are financed in a monthly subscription model, posing additional challenges for the traditional channel model.

Jason Bystrak began his tenure at the company in 2019 to oversee what is now the distributor’s Cloud Solutions offering, responsible for lines of business including cloud, XaaS (“Everything as a Service”), services, security, and unified communications. He has more than 25 years of experience in channel and cloud services, and is driving the D&H vision to be the “XaaS Distributor” for VARs and MSPs serving the SMB market, executing programs and leveraging the company’s next generation Cloud Marketplace platform to help channel partners deliver total solutions in a subscription model.



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