Alan Weinberger on the Role of the Managed Service Provider to the Public

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Host Karl talks to ASCII CEO Alan Weinberger about his new book – The Doctor’s In: Treating America’s Greatest Cyber Security Threat. Of course, we also talked about the state of the industry and what’s ahead for IT consultants.

Alan book illuminate for the general public how important a Managed Service Provider is in maintaining the health of our economy and our infrastructure itself, in the new cyber security era.

Alan founded The ASCII Group in 1984 in Washington D.C. And, of course, ASCII is one of the premier communities for IT service providers, VARs, MSPs, and technology resellers all over the world. They host a series of virtual and in-person events. You can find out more at www.asciievents.com.

Misc. ASCII Links:

Alan’s Book is available on Amazon: – https://www.amazon.com/Doctors-Treating-Americas-Greatest-Security/dp/1636613438/

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