Tom Lawrence – Using YouTube to Get New Clients

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Tom Lawrence - Using YouTube to Get New Clients
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Host Karl caught up with Tom Lawrence of Lawrence Technology Services. Tom runs a very successful IT consulting business – and uses YouTube as his primary marketing tool. That’s a very rare thing, but Tom’s been making videos since 2014. His channel has really taken off in the last few years.

The “Lawrence Systems” channel is here: – and has more than 185,000 subscribers. But lots of people don’t subscribe, so he has about 1.8 million unique viewers in the last ninety days. Most of them joined in the last two years!

Tom’s philosophy for YouTube is very straight forward: He creates videos to talk about whatever is on his mind. Sometimes that’s technology; Sometimes it’s business. But he always puts in a plug at the end. “If you have a project we can help with, drop us a line.” This is a great example of the philosophy that you should create content that you would like to consume. That will attract an audience that will find that content appealing.

Here’s the bottom line on the effectiveness of this strategy: 349 businesses hired Lawrence Technology Services as a result of his YouTube channel!!!

Tom’s approach is also a great example of the philosophy of, “Just do what you do.” He doesn’t worry about guru advice about length or format.

Lots of great advice and information here.

Catch Tom’s channel here: – “Lawrence Systems” channel –

– Content Creation Ethics and Guidelines –



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