The Growing Compliance Problem – Solved

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Host Karl sat down with Kevin Coppins, President and CEO of Spirion. Kevin wakes up every day on a mission to protect what he knows matters most—your sensitive personal data. With a team of passionate data privacy professionals at his back, Kevin is working to re-envision the culture of entire industries, putting privacy at the forefront where it belongs.

One of the biggest problems today is that people “just do their jobs” everyday, and unwittingly expose sensitive data to the Internet. Sensitive data is being replicated thousands of times across databases, shared folders, and cloud servers around the globe—and all a bad actor needs to cause chaos is one opening. Spirion is attempting to change the paradigm of data security; not by building higher walls, but by radically shrinking the target.

The COVID Data Explosion – As we work together to flatten the curve, organizations around the world are scrambling to adapt. IT departments have been so focused on making the shift to working from home, that they’ve left the door open for a new threat.

We also discuss the Growing Compliance Problem, Solved – GDPR. CCPA. FERPA. HIPAA. More privacy regulations have been passed in the last two years than the previous hundred. This has led companies around the world to spend billions trying—and often failing—to stay in compliance with a rapidly shifting regulatory landscape.

Finally, we address: Why Kevin Doesn’t Want Happy Customers!




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