Pete Matheson: Using Video to Grow your IT Business

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Host Karl sat down with Pete to talk about promoting IT businesses.

Pete started his own MSP in 2011. For the next near decade that business grew, hit and exceeded the magic £1m turnover mark (one million pounds revenue), grew to 16-staff, strong and the business brand itself became well known locally as something for other MSPs to aspire to.

In early 2020 Pete exited the business to pursue other interests, including Video, and helping other MSP Owners!

In this conversation, we start with a discussion of mergers and acquisitions and that flows into a general discussion of business success. One big question: What’s your number? Pete completed the sale of his business as the pandemic shutdown was taking place. So that’s a great story.

Before selling the business, Pete invested in video (YouTube) production. His big challenge was: How do you use YouTube videos to promote your IT business? Pete kept the YouTube channel – and you can find it at youtube.com/petematheson.

Pete gives some great examples of the videos he produced as an IT consultant. These are client-facing. From there, he moved to helping IT pros figure out videos for their business.



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