Janet Schijns: Digital Normal – How to Thrive

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Karl interviews Janet Schijns from the JS Group. Janet is the CEO and Digital Ninja of JS Group, a leading go-to-market consultancy in the technology industry. She’s a former executive at Motorola, Verizon and Office Depot. Plus, Janet is the founder of Tech Worlds Half, a not-for-profit dedicated to keeping women in the technology industry.

Her recent awards include:

  • Channel Influencer of the Year
  • Top 10 Women in Technology
  • Top 50 Influencer in Technology
  • … and her newest accolade: Analytics Insight “10 Most
  • Impactful Women in Technology 2020″

Plus she’s a Star Wars raving fan!

Janet has a super focus on channel marketing. The mission statement of the JS Group is: “Save the Channel.” What a great mission.

Here Janet makes the argument that the “digital transformation” has already happened. We are now in the digital normal. If you missed it, that’s on you: you need to catch up.



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