Richard Tubb on Continuous Awesome Marketing

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I caught up with Richard Tubb near the end of November. In addition to a general catch-up, we recorded a podcast on Marketing Tips!

We did this after an experience we shared that resulted in extra bonus marketing for Richard – because he was prepared. It got me thinking about how being ready to take advantage of opportunities goes a long ways.

In this conversation, Richard shares some great ideas for IT professionals who want to krank up continuous marketing – which is a great idea!

Note: One tool Richard mentioned in the interview is Text Expander: https://textexpander.com/.


I mention a blog post I did on Richard recently. You can find that here:

The easiest way to connect with Richard is via his primary web site:
Resources for MSPs – https://www.tubblog.co.uk/resources/

I particularly encourage you to sign up for his weekly newsletter – MSP Insights – https://www.tubblog.co.uk/nl

You can check out his blog over on my blog roll, or go direct to https://www.tubblog.co.uk

Richard also has a fun podcast for IT Consultants called TubbTalk – http://tubb.co/TubbTalk

. . . and a YouTube (TubbTube) channel at http://tubb.co/TubbTube

And last, but not least, Richard has written several books, which you can explore at https://www.tubblog.co.uk/books/


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