New Book: Tech Up or Lose Out

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Karl interviews co-host James Kernan on his new book, Tech Up or Lose Out. James is the editor and publisher of the book. And, of course, he wrote a good deal of it.

James calls this book the Entrepreneurs Guide to IT. The target audience is small business – not just IT businesses. You might, for example, give this book to clients to educate them on why they need tech support.

The basic goal is to show business owners how they can leverage technology as a competitive advantage in your business.

James Kernan is the CEO of Kernan Consulting, Inc. an international award winning management consulting company. They have become one of the most successful consulting firms in the country, primarily serving Information Technology Value-Added-Resellers or MSP’s. Its core competencies include Coaching, Advising and Mentoring programs like the Mastermind CEO Peer Groups, Leadership, Sales Training and its One-on-One Consulting Programs. Since 2006, over 500 businesses in six different countries have successfully been coached through their programs.

The book is a collaborative effort with 11 of the brightest tech experts in North America. This team has come together to provide entrepreneurs an outline of how they can leverage technology as a competitive advantage in their business. From Cloud to Business Intelligence, this book has the tech basics you need to succeed.

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