Erick Simpson on Remote Sales – an Opportunity more than a Challenge

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
Erick Simpson on Remote Sales - an Opportunity more than a Challenge
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Karl caught up with coach Erick Simpson ( He works with a lot of partners, and we talk about what partners are experiencing as the extended “work from home” world evolves.

Luckily, many IT service providers are thriving and doing well helping their clients to be successful. That is a great example of technology that used to be “nice” and is no critical. So that has turned into an unexpected opportunity.

But we are also faced with an unexpected challenge: Selling remotely. Erick talks about how we can use the extended functions of Zoom (or Teams or whatever) to help you deliver a killer sales presentation.

From there, we dive into some specifics. How do you do qualifications and meeting setups remotely? Be prepared. Make the technology invisible.

Plus lots of other great tips and information!

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