The State of Insurance in the IT Industry

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Host Amy Babinchak interviews Josh Barker from TechRug (the Technology Risk Underwriting Group). Their topic is: The Insurance Landscape for MSP’s.

Amy starts out with the big question: What’s up with the big price increases? Is it all ransomware?

And just so we don’t put all the blame on the “bad guys,” Amy and Josh also discuss the promises made by MSPs that get them into trouble. If your web site embellishes your promises, you are setting expectations that could cause problems – for you!

Josh Barker is the Senior Account Executive and Advisor at techrug (The Technology Risk Underwriting Group). Prior to joining techrug in 2014, Josh owned a consulting firm providing loss assessment and adjustment services to numerous national and international insurance carriers. Josh has 15 years of experience in the insurance industry and is currently in the process of securing his designation as a Certified Risk Manager (CRM).

The insurance market for MSP’s is changing rapidly.



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