Amy Luby on the Acronis Summit 2020

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I caught up with Amy as she’s running around (virtually) getting ready for the big Acronis Summit 2020. More information at https://summit.acronis.events.

The Acronis Summit is . . .
October 19-20-21

Registration is free at

Amy is a long-time friend of the Channel and is now the Channel Chief Evangelist at Acronis. She is organizing a number of the sessions for the Summit, including all of the workshops.

I’m doing a workshop on selling security (Stop Selling New Stuff the Old Way). Other workshops will be delivered by Amy Babinchak, Erick Simpson, and Rayanne Buchianico. Another great session will be delivered by Larry Walsh on how to attract the right clients.

As you can tell, this conference is not focused on “how to use Acronis Cyber Protect.” Day One (October 19th) is jam-packed with that training. The next two days are all about the business side of you business.

Check out the agenda at https://summit.acronis.events – I think you’ll be impressed at the variety of business, marketing, and sales topics designed to help you be more successful. I printed it out and found myself highlighting pretty much every session.

Amy gives us lots of good information here on the keynotes and other highlights of the conference. One of those highlights for me will be Dave Sobel’s commentaries. And, running throughout, Acronis will have a news coverage channel going on for viewers, with cameo appearances by various speakers and presenters (myself included).

This will be a great event – even thought it’s free!

Check it out and sign up today!

Registration is free at


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