Veem CEO Marwan Forzley – Helping SMBs Get Paid

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Karl was joined by Marwan, co-founder and CEO of Veem, to talk about the one thing on every business owner’s mind: where’s my money?? Doing business internationally comes with a lot of opportunity, but also potentially a lot of fees. Marwan breaks it all down and also shares how his business, Veem, may be a good platform for your business.

Veem simplifies payments to vendors, international contractors, contingent workers, etc. The payor just enters the email address, the currency they want to pay in, the amount, the scheduled date, and they will be shown the exact amount that will be debited from their account in their local currency, inclusive of any fees paid and the exchange rate conversion.

Marwan Forzley is the co-founder and CEO of Veem, a global payments network helping small businesses transfer money domestically and internationally. Veem is revolutionizing global business payments with innovative technologies like blockchain to help small businesses grow at home and abroad. Forzley is also the author of “Small Business in a Big World: A Comprehensive Guide to Doing International Business”, which teaches small businesses everything they need to know about taking their operations to the international level, from business culture to negotiation tactics.



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