Dortha Hise: How, When, and Why to Hire a Virtual Assistant

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Karl Palachuk connects with Dortha Hise to talk about virtual assistants and what they can do for you . . . even if you’re a “Type-A” business owner.

Check out a few resources from Dortha to get started:

VA Prep Checklist & Worksheets – if you’re ready to hire a VA, this checklist and worksheets will provide you with questions to ask, a place to track your logins, make notes for budget, must-haves, etc. – https://prettysmartva.lpages.co/va-prep/

Make Delegation a Habit – a 10-day challenge designed to support you in identifying what to delegate and how to work with a team; includes downloadable worksheets with actionable guidance to implement faster – https://prettysmartva.lpages.co/delegation-challenge/

Website: http://prettysmartvaservices.com/

Dortha Hise is the Chief Overwhelm Eliminator at Pretty Smart Virtual Services. She and her team of amazing virtual assistants specialize in untangling tech for their overwhelmed clients.

Clients from wide-sweeping industries rave about Dortha Hise, Chief Overwhelm Eliminator. They are freed up to do the things they love in their business, have reconnected with their joy, and are living a life free of overwhelm.

Dortha is passionate about helping entrepreneurs identify the tasks that cause them overwhelm and limit their profits, shows them how to delegate those tasks, and thus frees up their time. Dortha is compassionate, positive, dependable, and trustworthy. She knows a lot about overwhelm, having been a litigation paralegal for ten years prior to starting her own business in 2004. Dortha has learned she has a gift for supporting others who want to proactively use nature to heal.

Dortha currently lives with her husband Jason, in Folsom, California. They are avid backpackers and have a goal of hiking the Sierra Nevada Mountain stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail. They also have two feather babies, cockatiels and their names are Chuck and Nunchuck.

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