Chris Timm and the Roll of PSAs in your MSP Business

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Chris Timm and the Roll of PSAs in your MSP Business
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Karl sat down with Chris Timm of Sondela Consulting and Autotask PSA consultant. Listen in as they dive into the roll of PSAs in your Managed Services business, setting up Autotask for success, and the importance of tracking time.


Chris started Sondela Consulting to focus on his passion for working with MSPs to help them become more successful and more efficient by understanding and utilising their tools more effectively. Sondela is a Zulu word for “Advance” which is a nod to Chris’s Southern African roots and is an apt name with his number one goal being to help MSPs gain a deeper understanding of their investment and realise profitability much quicker.

The 14 years of experience Chris gained through previously running an MSP business combined with working at Autotask has given him greater insight and understanding into both sides of the industry and how a PSA tool can provide efficiencies and profitability when implemented properly. Chris can take you from zero to hero with your PSA tool, using it to its full potential, and maximising every aspect of your business to ensure that every department is working in harmony. In a nutshell, Chris’s passion is to turn your MSP into a “well-oiled” machine.

Chris co-hosts the PSAImpact podcast, a PSA independent series designed to help MSPs worldwide to get the most from their PSA tool and manage their business.

Social media links are: Twitter @tegwin @sondelaconsult

Facebook @sondelaconsulting

Instagram @sondelaconsulting [email protected]

PSAImpact: Twitter: @PsaImpact Facebook:

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