Yoram Baltinester on Managing Business During Times of Massive Changes We Haven’t Asked For

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Host James Kernan interviewed Yoram Baltinester for this show.

Yoram has been coaching and leading seminars since 1989. His fast, fierce and focused approach has earned him the nickname “The Personal Development Samurai.”

While developing a successful high-tech career for large companies Yoram created and refined the LifeDesign Method and the Decisive Action Protocol. These tools facilitate effective leadership, high-quality decision-making, and purposeful engagement with business to create meaningful success without sacrificing life balance and burning-out.

Yoram was involved in multiple startups since 1985, in Personal Development and in the software, hardware, and I.T. industries. He started a Managed I.T. Services company right after September 11th, which he grew and sold in 2013.

In his free time, Yoram loves to travel. In 1992, Yoram and his wife spent a year backpacking around the world, spending most of that time in China, crossing the Gobi Desert into Tibet and then the Himalayas into Nepal and India.

Everything Yoram accomplishes is done using the principles of the LifeDesign Method and the Decisive Action Protocol.

Today, Yoram works with high-performing leaders and professionals and teaches them how to use the Decisive Action Protocol and LifeDesign Method to bring their leadership, teams, and businesses to the next level of success.





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