Cannabis Industry to Grow During the Economic Downturn

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Interview: Harry Brelsford from 420MSP

Harry joins us for the one year anniversary of the launch 420 MSP (www.420MSP.com).

Harry released How to Be an MSP – vertical edition focused on the cannabis industry last year at this time. His community has grown significantly. If you listen carefully, he digs right into the technology of the cannabis vertical.

Perhaps the biggest thing going on right now in the industry is the growth of legalization. Harry talks about the challenges of this along with the culture of the industry vertical. One piece of that is the acceleration of legalization in response to the “quarantine” orders regarding the current virus pandemic.

Several states have listed cannabis outlets as “essential” businesses during this very strange era. As a result, Harry believes that legalization will move from a five-year horizon to perhaps at two or three year horizon. That’s speculation, of course, but gives a strong argument about the growth of this industry during the economic downturn we’re about to experience.

We covered lots of other great territory as well. This is a great business-focused discussion.

Primary site: https://420msp.com/

Book: https://420msp.com/2020/01/how-to-be-an-msp/

Conference info:

June 1-5, 2020


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