Ryan Morris: Building a Business That Thrives

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My friend Ryan Morris (from Morris Management Partners) normally hangs out on the Killing IT Podcast. But today he joined me here to talk about our industry from three different perspectives: Vendor, Distributor, and Partner.

Obviously, we spent most of our time on the Partner side of the equation.

Ryan is a 25+ year veteran of the IT channel. He has lived and worked in the channel from practically every point of view: solution provider, vendor, distributor, service provider, market analyst, business consultant, keynote speaker and industry expert.

Ryan works with clients from small startups to Fortune 50 and delivers services around the world. An award-winning speaker, consultant, and coach, Ryan’s vision is to help the IT industry build businesses that thrive in every market.

Morris Management Partners (MMP) is a Seattle, WA-based professional services firm that works with IT vendors, distributors, and solution provider. Our services are designed to help companies optimize business performance, build profitable business models, and develop the skills to thrive.

Web: www.morrismp.com
Twitter: @ryanmorris303
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ryanmorris303



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