Behind the Scenes of LinkedIn Networking

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Catch Amy’s Q&A with MSP owners Leon Black and John Zanazzi on her recent whitepaper: How to Build a Valuable Local LinkedIn Network. Get clarity on who to target, how often to post and more. 

Find Amy’s whitepaper here: https://www.smbbooks.com/How-To-Build-A-Valuable-Local-LinkedIn-Network-p/bab02.htm

About our guests:

Leon Black has been in the IT Industry for over 17 years, from enterprise support with Microsoft, Komatsu, Colgate, through to SMB support.
Leon started Inspired Techs in 2012 to help small to medium business leverage technology as their competitive advantage and get the most out of their business. Leon is passionate about RnD and keeping at the front of the changes in technology. This allows us to empower our customers and let them really leverage their relationship with us and their technology

On a fun note, Leon is an avid skydiver and has over 760 jumps, 5 Australian skydive records and a few different competition medals. 

Facebook/linkedin/twitter – InspiredTechs



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