Talking Google Ads with Dylan Dahlquist

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This week we had Small Biz Thoughts employee Dylan Dahlquist (Quest) on the show. Dylan is certified in Google Adwords and has been supporting the Small Biz Thoughts brands since 2019. Listen in to hear how he gets paid offering free services to qualifying non-profits.

Dylan Quest is a creative scientist with a passion for communicating complex ideas in innovative ways. His career started in materials research for brain implants, but has since left research work for digital advertising, specializing in Google Ads. His business works with organizations around the globe, many of which are non-profits. He utilizes his background in experimentation and data analysis for his clientele in order to create strategies tailored to their business. Dylan is also a member for the team here at Small Biz Thoughts!   

You can reach Dylan at [email protected]

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