Why You Need to Add IoT Managed Services to Your Business Now

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IoT Playbook – Part of the ChannelPro Network

I interviewed Mark Smith from ChannelPro Network and IoT Playbook.

Smith has been in IT for more than 25 years. He was the founder of Windows NT Magazine, a global media company that helped over 1M IT professionals. Mark is the Host of IoT Playbook, part of the ChannelPro Network.

IoTPlaybook is on a mission to find the early IoTMSP pioneers and get them to reveal their playbooks so that you benefit from the lessons they’ve learned from the hard way.

Playbooks show you the strategies, the business models, the technology stack, the marketing & sales angles, and everything else you need to succeed with each IoT managed service we cover.

Playbooks are designed to apply in your business right now.

Why you need to add IoT Managed Services to your business now




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