Richard Tubb: How to Increase Productivity When Running a Business

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Since selling his Managed Service Provider business, Richard has helped dozens of MSPs to grow their own companies. He works with the owners of IT businesses to help them free up their time, concentrate on doing what is important and making more money. In his interactive presentations, Richard offers some practical advice on how he would run a great MSP today — including his tips for selling MSP services.

Richard has a great book called The IT Business Owner’s Survival Guide. It really is a good guide to getting out of your own way and thriving as a small business owner. Check out the reviews on Amazon. Whether you’re new to the IT industry or you’ve been at it for awhile, this book will help you out!

Richard Tubb

One tip Richard shares that I am totally on board with: Turn you phone OFF at night and don’t sleep with. Don’t jump out of bed and grab the phone. Technology is awesome, but we should maintain control.

Another great tip: Richard has a world-class out-of-office email process. He describes this in some detail. If you want a copy, wait until the weekend and send him an email. You’ll get a great example almost immediately. I particularly like the tip that you do not include information on how to interrupt you since the phone interruption has failed. (Richard gives his email at about 20 minutes in.)

Lots of great tips in this podcast. Give it a listen.



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