Sell My MSP – 2019 Refresh

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SMB Community Podcast
Sell My MSP - 2019 Refresh
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I caught up with Rayanne Buchianico from Sell My MSP ( She gave us the big update on their 2019 Refresh.

It’s more than a web site update. They’ve got a new valuation tool and more.

Rayanne Buchianico

Rayanne owns ABC Solutions in Clearwater, FL. She help MSPs get their finances straightened in order to run their company most efficiently. As you can imagine, this includes some great skills that will help MSPs as they start looking at selling their companies.

ABC Solutions is a public accounting firm in Clearwater, FL. They focus on helping MSPs with accounting and bookkeeping services.

Rayanne created the very cool valuation tool you’ll find at That tool is newly reconfigured to look at Gross Revenue, Gross Profit, or EBITDA prices. Rayanne discusses this a bit in the interview.

We cover a lot of territory here, including both the buyers’ and the sellers’ perspectives. We also talk about the practical side of cleaning up your profit and loss statement so you’re ready to go on the market.

Yes, we discuss fees with complete transparency.

Of course Rayanne will help you with the work of fixing your P&L if you need that. Such services are not included in the listing fee, of course.

My favorite surprising note from this interview: Even if you’re not profitable, your clients might be worth something! Obviously, there’s more money with more profit. But your business is probably worth something even if you don’t make a big profit!

Disclaimer: I have used Rayanne’s Company (ABC Solutions) to help me revise, update, and “fix” my QuickBooks accounts. I receive no money or even a tall beer if you spend your money with ABC Solutions or Sell My MSP. Also: The FTC has no idea how business works in the real world.

Side note: Rayanne is teaching a class on maximizing your financials starting August 6th. It’s called Financial Services for the IT Services Industry. See

Another favorite note: There are two types of business owners. One maximizes tax deductions and shows no profit on the bottom line. The other maximizes profit and ends up paying more taxes. ONE of these is far more valuable on the day you sell your business.

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