Brooke Ferguson – The Business Backpacker

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Brooke Ferguson - The Business Backpacker
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In 2008, Brooke Ferguson, MBA packed up her business consulting practice and moved it online. Her objective was simple: keep growing her business while she saw the world.

Brooke spent a number of years traveling, while keeping Thailand as her “home base.” Eventually, she realized that she wanted to make beautiful Krabi, Thailand her home. She has since set up her business beachside, and helps others from around the world discover their own personal and business alignment.

I don’t normally post photos this grand, but look at that landscape!

Here we talk about Brooke’s newest book – The Levels. This is, basically, her approach to using the laws of the universe to understand our personal universe AND how we can use this understanding to influence our success. She uses the language of physics to describe our relationships, our business, and our general activities.

Then she connects this to the world of self-awareness and even meditation.

Best quote: “No one’s going to argue with the person who’s angry and wants to take a few minutes.

Follow along with Brooke’s journey at and get on her mailing list for upcoming deals and discounts for her new book, The Levels

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