Jeff Ponts – Will the Current Telecom Industry Be Gone is 5 Years?

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Jeff Ponts - Will the Current Telecom Industry Be Gone is 5 Years?
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I always love catching up with Jeff Ponts from DataTel Solutions. If you attend a few conferences a year, you are likely to have seen Jeff somewhere.

Jeffery Ponts is COO/Executive Vice President and founder of Datatel Solutions Inc. Datatel Solutions is an Integrated Communications Provider (ICP), and systems integrator focusing on marketing, delivering, and managing best-of-breed data and telecommunication products, services, and applications through the independent sales channel for small to medium size enterprises (SME).

As Jeff says, his company does the “heavy lifting” for IT companies that want to resell telecom services. Datatel works with more than 500 agents and 4,700 end customers.

In this podcast, we cover a bit about the past and a lot about the future of the telecom industry. Jeff gives some great information about the reality of 5G connectivity and SD-WAN. He makes an interesting point that 4G will be around for a LONG time because it’s impractical to have millions of 5G antennae all across the sparsely-populated areas of the country/world.

Lots of great information here!

You can find Jeff at


or www.concordusapps.com

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