Zack Rosenberg Delivers Custom Video

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I talked to Zack Rosenberg about his custom video program – Catapult.

As Zack points out, by 2021 more than 82% of internet traffic will be against video, a number that will accelerate once everyone has 5G internet speeds.

Video is pricey and difficult to do, especially when SMB’s spend around 2 hours a week on marketing.

Basically, Catapult creates interesting and entertaining videos that you can place on your YouTube channel, social media, etc. The goal is to engage your potential audience and then place your marketing in front of them. Despite what you might expect, the videos are not about you – not about technology.

They are on sports, hobbies, and other topics. The basic idea is that your prospects are interested in lots of things – and that technology is probably not on the list.

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