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Harry Brelsford Announces New Book: How to Be an MSP

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
Harry Brelsford Announces New Book: How to Be an MSP
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I was happy to interview Harry on the official announcement of his new book – How to Be An MSP. It is now officially released. In this interview, Harry also announces another new adventure: A serious focus on the cannabis industry as the largest new vertical opportunity for the next ten years.

Harry is also launching a new site, effective immediately:


I have read the new book and am honored to have written the Foreword. The new book is a great introduction to exactly what it promises: How to Be An MSP.

Many of you know that Harry has previously written books on how to be a successful Small Business Consultant. Well, this is literally a new book on that topic – designed for the 2020’s!

In addition to the core focus on building a profitable IT consulting practice, the book takes a deep dive into the hottest new vertical market in North America: The cannabis and CBD market. This is a huge industry that requires an amazing amount of technology

Learn about the book here: https://420msp.com/buy-the-book/C

Visit the new 420 MSP site here: https://420msp.com

Watch the interview:

YouTube video

Listen to the Interview (mp3)


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