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Lori Tisinai – IT Owners Compass

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Had a great interview with Lori Tisinai from the IT Owners Compass conference – www.ITOCompass.com.

Lori Tisinai
Lori Tisinai

ITO Compass is April 27-28 in downtown Chicago, with a reception the night before. Plan to join me there!

I am proud to be the keynote speaker for this conference. And there will be many other speakers as well. Please see the web site for details.

In this interview, Lori walks through some of the agenda, followed by a great discussion of speakers, content, vendors, and more.

Sneak peek: I’m putting on a 2-hour workshop on the last day.

We also talked about women attendees. Lori had a large percentage of women at the conference last year, which is highly unusual in our space. So I am encouraging women to attend by providing scholarships.

Special Promo: First-time female attendees will receive a $100 scholarship toward their enrollment. Contact Lori for details.

Check it all out at www.itocompass.com!

Watch the interview:

Listen to the Interview (mp3)


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