Ken Dwight – Dr. Virus

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Ken Dwight - Dr. Virus
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This interview with Ken Dwight covers a lot of territory.

Ken Dwight
Ken Dwight

Ken train IT Pros on cutting-edge virus fighting and virus remediation. He show folks how to dig into the guts of machines to do much more than “remove” viruses.

Rather than “Nuking and Paving,” Ken teaches how to dig in and remove all the remnants of viruses – even those left over after AV software has removed the virus.

As Ken points out, a lot of modern viruses are very complicated. Many techs approach this by wiping and reloading the PC. Instead, Ken recommends that you clean out the registry and find the files and folders that are left all over the machine.

Here are a few additional sources he offers:

Virus Remediation Training workshopshttps://www.thevirusdoc.com/virus-remediation-training

Recorded mini-course on encrypting ransomwarehttps://www.thevirusdoc.com/ransomware

Recorded mini-course on cleaning up after a tech-support scammer – https://www.thevirusdoc.com/scammer

Note: Ken offers a 15% discount on the tuition for any of his training. Just enter Coupon Code of KarlP15 at checkout.

Find out more about Ken Dwight, “The Virus Doctor,” at https://www.thevirusdoc.com.

Watch the interview:

YouTube video

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