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James Kernan – Ten Best Practices for Successful Sales Organization

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I caught up with one of my favorite coaches, James Kernan, a few days ago.

James Kernan

He was eager to talk about the Ten Best Practices for a Successful Sales Organization.

James runs the Millionaire Mastermind Group – Meeting in Orlando March 28-29. For more information, visit KernanConsulting.com.

You can also catch up with James at the SMB TechFest show in Anaheim April 18th.

Here’s a quick summary. But please watch the interview to get all the details:

Ten Best Practices for a Successful Sales Organization

  • Have a Sales Plan / Sales Strategy
  • Set goals and KPIs
  • Have USP
  • Create a compensation plan that’s not too complicated
  • Have a way to help the sales team with leads
  • Constantly educate the sales team
  • Have good communication
  • Get the right tools and CRM
  • Invest in support staff for the sales team
  • Document your sales processes!

Watch the interview:

Listen to the Interview (mp3)


[Sorry for my microphone problems. Something changed my settings and I didn’t notice until the recording was done.]

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