Amy Babinchak on Valuing Your MSP (and more)

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I interviewed Amy yesterday on three topics. Two (Third Tier and the SBT Community meeting) were quick. We spent most of our time on the topic of mergers, acquisitions, and “Sell My MSP.”

Amy Babinchak
Amy Babinchak

Best comment is a quote from Will Smith. What do I have to do today to keep this going? Where do I have BE to keep this going?

Unlike the massive MSP merger/acquisition stories you see on Channele2e and other places, we talk about the smaller buyers and sellers. After all, the vast majority of “small” businesses are in the $1-, $2-, or $3-million range.

Amy says there are lots of national buyers looking for smaller MSPs to put their brand on. And, she adds, pretty much every market of any size has buyers who are looking for companies to acquire.

Even more interesting, Amy says that small MSPs don’t experience the wild fluctuations that you read about in the news. Most of them sell for a number close to their annual sales – and that stays consistent without regard to what the rest of the market is doing.

Plus – we covered a lot more territory. All in all, it was a great interview. Amy is always full of good info.

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