Arlin Sorensen on Power of Community and Peer Groups

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January is a great time to catch up With Arlin Sorensen and talk about building a successful managed service business. Arlin has built a few successful companies, including one of the most successful managed service businesses in the U.S.

Now he’s the Vice President of Peer Groups at ConnectWise. Although, as he says, he spends a lot of time helping folks with mergers and acquisitions.

In this interview, we cover a lot of territory, including planning for for M&A, building value in your business, and the habit of working “on” your business by participating in peer groups.

Along the way, Arlin talks about how the ConnectWise peer groups help members deal with leadership inside their companies, building a legacy, and work-life balance. He has some particularly good advice about hiring a service manager and the centrality of that role within a managed service business.

Interview with Arlin:

Arlin always brings information and wisdom to the conversation. Check it out and explore whether peer groups might be right for your organization.

Site: https://www.connectwise.com/theitnation/evolve/peer-groups

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