Episode Four: A New Hope for Security – with Dave Sobel

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
Episode Four: A New Hope for Security - with Dave Sobel
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This SMB Community Podcast is the fourth in a six-part series entitled Episode IV: A New Hope for Security, with Dave Sobel, Senior Director of MSP Evangelism at SolarWinds MSP.

As you might imaging, the Take Control application from SolarWinds MSP has lots of security built in. In particular, we talk about all the little security-related details that many people don’t worry about. This includes securing endpoint connections, clipboard access, passwords, and more. Dave gives some good information on the two-factor authentication you’ll experience within Take Control. All that is paired with an authenitcator app that uses unique one-time-use passwords that are managed automatically.

If you think about it, a remote control tool gives your staff total access to all client secure data. And with multiple sessions into multiple clients, someone has to make sure that all those sessions are independently secured – and secured from each other. Take Control builds all that security in from the start.

We also talked to Dave about GDPR, HIPAA, and the privacy laws we’re seeing across the globe and within local and regional governments. With the new higher standards, technology consultants are responsible for reporting breaches – to the public as well as to your clients. So the question becomes: Can you afford the reputation hit of being breached and having to report that data breach publicly?

I really liked the information about levels of access and policies around technician access to end user machines. Within the Take Control tool, the client can configure the level of “privacy” they want their employees to have. For example, you can work with the client to approve or not approve announced and unannounced sessions. Also, you can develop notifications to end users about what they can expect with regard to company data as well as personal data.

Dave makes a good argument for using this security setup as a selling point. It certainly makes the point that you take client security and privacy seriously.

The interview also introduces the new Take Control Secrets Vault. This is a great tool for managing secure information so that it is never moved outside of the remote session, the technician doesn’t access actual passwords, and the secure information isn’t even available unless a logon screen is asking for credentials. Dave goes into detail here. Very cool stuff.

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Free test drive of SolarWinds MSP Take Control at https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/products/take-control

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