Break-Fix vs. Managed Services – with Dave Sobel

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Break-Fix vs. Managed Services - with Dave Sobel
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This SMB Community Podcast is the second in a six-part series entitled Break-Fix vs. Managed Services, with Dave Sobel, Senior Director of MSP Evangelism at SolarWinds MSP.

For six weeks, we’ll be talking about how to get the most out of your remote control tools – and make more money.

Right off the bat, you might think that Dave and I would wave our hands and dismiss Break/Fix as a business model. But the truth is, there are still lots of people making money with “on demand” or “as needed” tech support. It is the right solution for some clients. It’s also a great way to get started as an IT solution provider.

So we start out with our definitions of both break/fix and managed service. The next question is, how do you maximize revenue with the break/fix model? As Dave says, you have to figure out how to use your time as wisely as possible and bill for as much of your time as possible.

And even though tools like Take Control were developed to help MSPs make more money by leveraging their time better, they also work for break/fix companies. After all, both tools and processes can help you become more efficient.

Then, of course, you get to some of the added features that allow any company to offer a higher level of service. With Take Control, this includes recording sessions, tagging the recordings with searchable keywords, providing more timely support, and more.

Best of all, Dave points out, you can start charging break/fix clients a small monthly fee to have access to this higher level of support. In addition to offering better service, you begin to taste that juicy good recurring revenue. And who knows? You might just decide that you can start transitioning those clients to full fledged managed service.

Once again, I learned a lot in this interview and I encourage you to give it a listen. And if you haven’t used Take Control, click the link below for a free trial.

Podcasts in this series include:

  • What to Look for In a Remote Support Tool
  • Making Money – Break Fix vs. Managed Services (this one)
  • Implementing Your Cloud Services Bundle
  • Remote Control – A New Hope for Security
  • Manage the Customer Experience/Manage the Customer Relationship
  • Remote Control as the Ultimate Sales Tool

Tune in next Thursday for episode three!


Free test drive of SolarWinds MSP Take Control at https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/products/take-control

Watch the video podcast:

This interview is about 15 minutes.

Listen to the Podcast.




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