Stephanie Chandler on The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan

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SMB Community Podcast
Stephanie Chandler on The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan
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Stephanie Chandler is a long-time friend and mastermind partner. We are happy to announce our first book project together – The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan. Between us, we have almost thirty books. But Stephanie also runs Authority Publishing, so she has experience publishing many more books, focused on almost any audience you can think of.

You can learn more about Stephanie on her Speaker Page or Wikipedia. She has been a driving force in the writing community worldwide, and particularly in Northern California. She is the founder of the Nonfiction Authors Association, with chapters all over the globe.

On top of all that, Stephanie runs the Nonfiction Writers Conference. The Fall Conference will be held online November 8-9. More details at (I am honored to be a speaker at this event.)

So, with all that going, I don’t know how she found time to talk to me on the SMB Community Podcast, but she did!

After helping each other with thousands of business ideas and projects over the last 15-ish years, Stephanie and I finally collaborated on a book. Previously, Stephanie had great success with The Nonfiction Marketing Plan, and I wrote Publish Your First Book a long time ago. So we combined our knowledge of book publishing to come out with this guide to profitable self-publishing.

Of course the book has it’s own page here:


In This Interview . . .

Stephanie gives us some great tips on how to use your book to promote your business. You can tell she knows here stuff when I ask her to apply her ideas to the technology consulting market. She immediate threw out half a dozen ideas about how to use the book to promote your business, get local speaking gigs, and make sure your prospects have handouts with your name on them pinned to the bulletin board.

We also discuss the strategy Stephanie used right there: Give your best information up front – hold nothing back. Remember, your prospects (and those you speak to at Chamber meetings, etc.) are not in your business. So they can’t absorb the information as easily as if you were talking to technology consultants. So give them the juicy good information and you will make them hungry to understand. And a great way to get that understanding is to buy your book or engage you in a contract.

If you want to engage Stephanie, follow the links below. And I highly encourage you to join the Nonfiction Authors Association and plan to attend the online Nonfiction Writers Conference in November. I promise you’ll love it.


Links Mentioned:

Nonfiction Writers Conference:

Nonfiction Authors Association:

The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan:


Check out the interview here:

YouTube video

This interview is 30 minutes.


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  1. This was fun! Thanks for being an awesome mastermind partner, co-author, and friend.

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